The Nordic Island Adventure Race (NIAR) is again a part of The Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS). Where the winner get a free entry to the World Championship.

For NIAR 2023 we only have 30 unique team spots due to permits. 

Entry Fees is 3500 Euro per team. NIAR will offer an Early Bird price at 3000 Euro if registered before 1st of September 2022.  

You will regiester at RaceID and pay a deposit of 400 Euro. (Non refundable. However ever you can buy an insurance at registration and get your 400€ refunded by the insurance). After you will receive an invoice with the rest of the amount that has to be paid within 120 days. 

Registation will open May 1, 2022

NOTE: The registration botton is not working for everyone.
Copy and use this link/address below.


Team entry fee includes:

  • A high quality expedition length adventure racing course in a new location.
  • Logistical support for the event (no need for support crews).
  • On-site first response teams for emergency first aid.
  • Special disciplines and equipment.
  • Team tracking and live race website.
  • Race maps for your team (ONE sets of maps per team).
  • Official race vest.
  • Race pack with goodies and event prizes (dependant on sponsorship).
  • Download of race photos and videos.
  • Post race dinner and presentations.
  • TV production and visiting journalist program.
  • An event of a lifetime!
  • Welcome snack at open ceremony.
  • Prize ceremony AND AFTER PARTY including food.

What you will need to provide:

  • Travel to and from the event.
  • Pack Rafts.
  • Accommodation before and after the race.


Teams may officially cancel their entry at any stage prior to the event by writing, calling or emailing the race organisers.

Note: 30% of registration fee is not refundable at any stage. After 1st of April 2023 Nordic Islands Adventure Race organization will NOT refund any entry fees.

If the race is cancelled due to acts of god, natural disasters, terrorism or other reasons etc, the organisers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams.

NIAR 2023

The 2023 race will set teams on a new adventure on the Faroe Islands.

“The Faroe Islands? Yeah, they are close to Egypt, right?”

…not exactly.

If you don’t know where the Faroe Islands are, that’s OK. To be honest, it’s not all that strange, considering the total land mass of the 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands is about 6,500 smaller than the USA, and their population 28,000 times smaller than China’s. The fact you don’t know where the Faroe Islands are located just goes to show, perhaps, that even though the planet has been well charted and documented, there are still new discoveries to be made.

Even if you do know where they’re located (thumbs up!), there is a chance you don’t know all there is to know about them.

Firstly, the Faroe Islands is an archipelago of 18 mountainous islands located halfway between Iceland and Scotland in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The islands are believed to have been first settled in year 300 AD, although archaeologists are unable to say by whom. The first known settlers, according to stories passed down through generations, were Irish monks in the sixth century. Interested in the history of the Faroe Islands? Read more here

The name Faroe Islands first appeared as Faereyjar (in approximately 1225), which means “Sheep Islands”. This presumably led to the national symbol, which is a ram. This name was given by the Viking age settlers from Norway in the ninth century.

Since 1948, the Faroe Islands have been a self-governing nation under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. This means the islands have exclusive competence to legislate and govern independently within a wide range of areas, such as trade, taxation, social security and education. The Faroe Islands is not a member of the European Union, even though Denmark is.

The islands’ population of 52,000 is spread out across the 17 inhabited islands. These islands are connected by excellent infrastructure linked by together by a comprehensive road network and tunnel and ferry connections. This, along with first class telecommunications and high-speed internet, provides a superb base for maintaining the economic, social and cultural sustainability of communities all around the country.

The main industry in the Faroe Islands is fishing. This sector accounts for approximately 90% of exports and about 20% of GDP. In August 2020, unemployment was registered at 1.8%. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, umployment was at an all-time low.

The Faroese education system is well developed, with free primary and secondary schooling for all and a number of institutions for higher education and research. Many Faroe Islanders choose to study and work abroad during their younger years before returning home to settle.

Course Description ARWS NIAR 2023

AIRPORT: Fly in and out of Vágar, Faroe Islands. Airport code: EKVG, FAE
COUNTRY: Scandinavia
REGION: Faroe Islands
DISCIPLINES: Mountain Bike, Trail Run/Trek, PackRaft, Caving, Coasteering, Diving, Cliff jump, Navigation
VERTICAL: +/- 19,000 vertical meters
WINNING TIME: 3,5 days (85-90hours)
COURSE OPEN: 6 days (168 hours)
TEAM LIMIT: 30 Teams
LOGISTICS: Unsupported
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: YES – uses the ARWS standard list
RULES: YES – uses the ARWS standard rules
QUALIFIER: 1st Place receives free entry to following ARWC
OTHER PRIZES: Sponsor products
ENTRY FEE: Early 3000 € 

Booking fee 400€ (nun-refunable by NIAR but refunable IF refundble booking is bought at RaceID). 2600 € Invoice will be sent after first payment at RaceID.

COURSE – The Nordic Islands Adventure Race course is 500km long where teams must Trek/Run, Bike, Packraft, Swim, Secret Stage, Coasterring, navigate and complete roping elements to reach the finish line. We will show the “Best of the Best” off what Faroe Islands has to offer.

The winning team will complete the course in 3-4 days and all other teams are permitted up to +6 days to complete the course. There will be cut off on the course and options for short courses to allow teams the maximum time to complete the full course – a genuine Nordic adventure.

COURSE BREAK DOWN (will be publish when all permission is ready). 

MTB - 250km

TREK - 157km


TOTAL: 486km

LOCK DOWN – 2 hours

LIVE TRACKING – Teams will carry tracking devices throughout and are visible to spectators through the live race website.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT – The race will use the Standard ARWS Mandatory Equipment List. Download the Mandatory Equipment List – NIAR 2023

  • EMERGENCY FLARE will be mandatory on the Packraft leg. Can be bought by the race organization. 



NIAR Mandatory Equipment list 2023

All equipment will be checked before the race. 

LOGISTICS – The course outline and logistic diagram will be released one weeks before the race allowing teams to begin their equipment/food preparations and travel to the race with only the equipment they require.

RULE OF COMPETITION – The Nordic Islands Adventure Race uses the AR World Series Rules of Competition – Download It is adjudicated by an official AR World Series Referee, Lars Bukkehave. 


TRANSITION BAGS – Teams need to provide their own TA bags and bike boxes. 1 pcs BAG A, 1 pcs BAG B maximum 130 liter without wheels plus 1 pcs KAYAK BAG, maximum 138x50x50cm (ARWS standard paddle bags). Max weight for each bag is 25 kg and bike box is 30 kg.

BIKE BOXES – Each athlete must provide a bike box made by hard plastic to be no larger than 140cm X 80cm X 30cm (standard ARWS size).

PADDLE BAGS – Bring own paddle bags

KAYAKS – No kayaks for NIAR Faroe Islands 2023 (Pack rafts will be used for all water sections)

Event Schedule 2023

July 30th, 2023 (SUNDAY)

Plan overview to be found on our website under RACE INFO and to be sent out to teams via email with discipline and distance breakdown.

August 11th, 2023 (Friday)

15:00-18:00 Check in at PERLAN (HQ) PERLAN and HQ.

15:00-18:30 Gear check at HQ.

August 12th, 2023 (Saturday)

09:00-15:00 Check in at PERLAN (HQ) PERLAN and HQ.

15:00-17:00 BAG DROP at HQ (Bike Box, BAG A & B plus Kayak Bag).

18:00 Opening ceremony with light snack at Reinsaríið.

August 13th, 2023 (Sunday)

06:00-08:30 Lock Down at HQ, PERLAN.

09:00 Estimated START at the City Hall of Torshavn.

August 13th – 19th

Live on

August 16th (Wednesday)

Winning team estimated to finish in the morning. (If the weather is good).

August 19th, (Saturday)

12:00 Course closes

19:00 Price ceremony and dinner

August 20th, (Sunday)

Teams departure


Volunteers and race supporters

Race supporters are welcome to come to the event, after all it is a special part of the world and very friendly to follow live. If considering coming, contact for further information.

Are you also interested in volunteering or working for our organisation? We’d like to come in contact with you! Send an email to for more information.

Race Accommodation

We have two official race hotells where we can offer special deals for our teams. 15% discount codes will be sent out to team that are registered for the NIAR2023.  

The hotels are:

Codes will be aktive from August 1st 2022, make sure to do your reservation ASAP after that. Rooms run out quickly on Faroe Islands. We have blocked rooms for you between August 11-13th, and August 18-20th 2023 that you can book.

Some of you will finish faster, already on the 17th of August. 

Prize Break Down

1. Place: Free Entry to World Championship.
2. Place: Free Entry to next ARWS NIAR.
3. Place: Free Entry to Åre Extreme Week